Azarta is a new design, an evolutionof articulated seaanchorswith a form and technical solution that allow it to take holdimmediately estably.

Azarta can be adjusted by turning a plate that acts as a base spindle stroke passes from 30 to 33 degrees It can be locked flat for safe stowage.

The large exhaust and the articulation box reduced to one third of the length of mare promote cleanliness and greatly reduce the possibility of obstruction of the same.

Tests performed on sand and sand mud show that Azarta remains stable even at wheel revolutions without overturning, the addition of the fins increases the stability, straightening and grip of the anchor. 

Azarta is equipped with a structural bridge which acts as a hook to hook the bottom and open the marre. The construction is performed in Italy by certified professionals, with care in the way crafted one piece at a time.

The wide drainage and the
articulated body reduced to a third of the length of the mares favor the cleaning and greatly reduce the possibility of obstruction of the same.

Azarta is a new design an evolution of Danforth anchors a form and technical solutions that allow it to be taken immediately and in a stable way

In tests on sand and mud Azarta remains stable even when rotated 360 does not tip over, constant trim. The construction is carried out in Italy by certified professionals

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